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Our favorite time of the year is coming to an end. It’s hard to get back to school, work or face real life after three months of doing absolutely nothing. But, we want to start fresh the second part of the year. That’s why we sat to discuss about image with rising stylist, Sandra Perez, originally from Spain. She runs her full-time business as a stylist and image consultant, Poll&Mera.

Sometimes, we feel like everything we own is horrible or we are bored of it and we want to throw it all away. Been there, done that.

We have to look in the mirror every morning for our entire lives so we better like what we see. I know it’s easier to say it than to actually do it. A good step into this direction is feeling good about ourselves. Everything starts from the inside. And, of course, with a good outfit.  I would say it’s the mix about feeling good in our skin and having a killer outfit. It’s a virtuose cycle. You feel good, you rock the outfit. You rock the oufit, you feel good.

However, finding that perfect outfit can be tricky, specially in winter where we need so many layers that don’t particularly make us feel good… And, that’s where Sandra comes in.

I won’t hide it from you. I never thought being a stylist would recquire that much talk with the clients. But, according to Sandra, it definitely does. She doesn’t consider herself a psychologist, but she does have to talk to the clients and get to know them in order for them to start trust themselves again and trust her with their style. Not an easy task, if you ask me.

Almost everyone loves to shop, but are we doing it wisely ?

Here are some tips and tricks to follow from Sandra :

  • Less is more : buy less, but of better quality
  • Buy timeless and quality basics
  • Add to your outfit some trendy accessories
  • Embrace your local designers
  • Comfort shoes. Ladies, if you try it and it doesn’t feel comfortable, it won’t feel comfortable afterwards.

So, if you are not feeling good with your clothes, your hair or don’t know how to follow a dress code while being yourself, Sandra is the person for you in Switzerland

You can get more information on her website : www.polletmera.com

Text by: Mora

Pics by: Poll & Mera Personal Archive

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